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    6 tips on how to choose a proper anorak
    Whether you're going hiking, fishing, or walking, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Why? Because then it doesn't matter what the surrounding conditions are - it can be dry or the sun can be burning, and you can focus on your performance with icy calmness, collecting one experience after another. The right outdoor jacket can significantly help you with this. BUSHMAN will advise you on how to choose the BEST one. Why? Because our anoraks are a legend!
    Cotton, our Holy Grail
    Who doesn't know it? After all, we use it every day, often even where we don't even realize it. Being, as they say, "as if in cotton" means feeling as comfortable as possible. But that is far from the only benefit that this material brings. Let's put cotton front and centre in the viewfinder and get closer to this extremely rare plant, which is absolutely central to the production of BUSHMAN clothing.