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Introduction Bargain Rules

Bargain Rules

Special bargain products for you to buy: Wallet Valbona
Every month we offer you at least one product at a discounted price. How does a promo product work?

  • Choose anything from our selection of comfortable clothes or BUSHMAN accessories and add it to the cart.
  • Go to the cart, where you can add a promo product for purchase at the discounted price.

In March, we have the wallet Valbona for you as our promo product for only 23,90 Euros. This promotion is valid from 1st March 2023 to 31th March 2023 or until all stocks are exhausted.

Bushman has a second Christmas! Within our winter discounts we have two hundreds of our products, up to 50%!  Vybav se na hory, do města i do práce! And do not forget: Whoever hesitates, does not take! 
*Goods purchased under our winter discounts can be returned or exchanged within the standard 14-day period. Bushman Club members have the chance to take advantage of our extended exchange / return times within 45 days of purchase.
Goods purchased at BUSHMAN stores can only be exchanged, not returned.