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Tested on human beings

Adventurers, travellers, conservationists, scientists, reporters, photographers… We dress famous people who share common values with us. And they share with us their experiences with proper BUSHMAN clothing.

Since its inception, the BUSHMAN brand has been developing leisure and outdoor clothing based on its own experience and that of other people around the world. We are aware that no one is perfect, so we listen to the inventive ideas of our wearers and standard bearers – and we are inspired by them. That is why we also dress well-known and lesser-known personalities who share our same values and, thanks to their hobbies and professions, test BUSHMAN products on their own backs even in the most harsh conditions.

"We have been using BUSHMAN brand clothing for a long time. It has worked well for us in all conditions – sometimes extreme drought and then high humidity when working in underground tombs, where there is over ninety percent humidity. "

Miroslav Bárta, leader of the expeditions to Abúsír, in the Cairo Governorate, and director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague


 "On my expeditions, I can't afford for anything not to work. Clothing is the first protection against extreme weather, so I do not underestimate the right choice of clothing. I have been satisfied with Bushman for a long time, and moreover, it is our Czech company. That’s what we need to support today. "

Jakub Vágner, fisherman, traveler, adventurer


"I noticed the brand right away, at the beginning, and Bushman drill trousers with all those pockets were immediately part of my top travel gear. As part of my sports activities in the mountains, I have established cooperation with many other companies, but recently I’ve gone back to Bushman. Cotton is simply cotton. What's more, what we're going to talk about is, after all, what is a boyish brand. It naturally belongs to the outdoors and to nature. It may surprise someone, but I also liked it a lot for golf."

Radek Jaroš, climber

"Everyone who decides to dedicate part of their lives to nature conservation needs quality outdoor clothing that will last and survive demanding treks in the jungle or savannah. Bushman clothing is great for such occasions. But today's work as a conservationist also includes endless negotiations with local officials and politicians, where you simply cannot come dressed as a climber. So an ingenious combination for both occasions is the classic Hammer shirt, without which I can't even imagine any expedition. It only remains to point out that it’s also nice to wear clothes from a Czech company that has similar views of the world as I have and is not afraid to issue a T-shirt with an empty square and the inscription: "Back to the old days of Professor Bureš".

Tomas Ouhel, conservationist


"When I started to decide for myself that I’d better start thinking a little more about my wanderings, the idea came up with what to connect with some name who could actually save me - but in such a way that it would finally be mine. That's why the impulse had to come from me, not from somewhere else. I think my first choice was right. That means: I chose Bushman, as I wanted to wear it. And that’s what I normally do. Recently in the autumn in Croatia I tried detachable pants - from ten o'clock to four in the afternoon: shorts, otherwise back to long ones for the rest of the time. Pants with pockets also give me the freedom to go without a backpack, for example. BUSHMAN things work, not to mention

my wife telling me: You looked pretty bloated. So it's worth it!"

Lukáš Langmajer, actor

"I've been actively using Bushman stuff for two years now and I'm extremely happy with it. I especially appreciate their quality and endurance on expeditions, because as an expedition kayaker I have space in the boat for only a very limited number of pieces of clothing. I need clothes that will reliably warm me up after getting off the boat and which I can rely on. And that's exactly what BUSHMAN clothes and shoes are. Shades that do not show dirt even after a few days of expedition use are just a bonus. At the same time, BUSHMAN clothing has a design that I would proudly take to the city. "

Mirek Kodada, guru of Czech extreme kayaking

and organizer of the legendary Devils Extreme Race