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    Fashion inspiration autumn/winter
    What on earth will you say when winter asks? Easy… you’ll simply tell her, "Well, hello," because you'll be perfectly prepared for her! We bring you tips on how to combine BUSHMAN clothes and accessories from the Autumn / Winter 2021/2022 Collection. Choose the best for yourself and don't be afraid to play with the individual pieces a bit. Namely... Fantasy: that's what this is all about!
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    Adam's Big Journey
    From Gibraltar to Nordkap. Until the end of the year he’ll be in a van with his small son. "We love history, which also means visiting cities and museums, but we also enjoy exploring nature," says journalist and traveller Tomáš Málek. Meet the family team that is making Adam's Big Journey right now…
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    Petr Horký: to every man there belongs a certain dimension of heroism
    What did director and documentary filmmaker, producer, writer, Youtuber and traveller Petr Horký learn during his polar expeditions? Why does he refuse to be solely dependent on his work and why is it important for him to fulfill his life dream? Or at least try for it?
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    Inspiration for spring and summer fashion 2021
    Be cool all the day long. We’ve prepared tips for you on how to combine your BUSHMAN clothes and accessories. Choose the best for yourself or your loved ones for this spring and summer… because it fits!
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    Let yourself be pampered with lyocell
    Lyocell is obtained from wood in an environmentally friendly way and its clothes are light and pleasant: cool in summer and warm in winter. Discover its secrets with us and choose the right BUSHMAN piece of lyocell for yourself.
    A rattletrap not once but twice!
    "It's a bit of a boy's passion, I sewed the first ‘Canvas’ on my mother's machine all by myself," says Martin Novák, the owner of a farm, a brewery and a museum.
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    You tear, but you don't tear
    It’s called Ripstop and it’s not for nothing that this type of fabric was developed during the Second World War. Ripstop clothing is simply durable and light at the same time. That's why you can find it in a lot of pieces of genuine BUSHMAN clothes.
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    A pen that’s a little different
    The combination of writing utensils with a simple means of self-defense also offers a lot of practical accessories. Look no further for an ideal gift that’s not only just toys for the boys!
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    Hats with a story
    You don't have to be a cowboy right away to appreciate hats of honest cow-hide. BUSHMAN offers you these, handmade for us in South Africa. Here they are… 100% accurate that whatever the piece, it’s an original!
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    Damn double-sided
    Our men's AERIAL anorak is light, rejuvenates even tired plowmen, and moreover - it can save your life not only in the wild! Don't you believe us?
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    Linen – a story of Love and Rejection
    Linen fabrics are tried and tested - both by time and, above all, by the fact that linen garments have been prominent for centuries as part of women's and men's wardrobes.