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    A selection of gifts from Bushman
    Are you still wondering what to put under the tree? With gifts from Bushman, you’ll be giving joy and an honest piece of work. And also, thanks to them, you’ll break the heart of every adventurer. Or yours! There is simply never enough joy ...
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    Fashion inspiration autumn/winter
    What on earth will you say when winter asks? Easy… you’ll simply tell her, "Well, hello," because you'll be perfectly prepared for her! We bring you tips on how to combine BUSHMAN clothes and accessories from the Autumn / Winter 2021/2022 Collection. Choose the best for yourself and don't be afraid to play with the individual pieces a bit. Namely... Fantasy: that's what this is all about!
    Jakub Vágner: We need Nature, but not the other way round
    Jakub Vágner - a fisherman, adventurer and global traveller - has every right to say what he thinks about people's current relationship with Nature. He spends most of his time in it and, as he says, it’s everything to him. It was on the basis of this idea that a conversation arose, accompanied by the respect, humility and experience of a man who has respected the laws of Nature for many years.
    Your ideal fashion? Joyful, clean and comfortable
    Having a full closet, and still saying "I’ve nothing to wear" can be a sign that your clothes simply don't reflect your personality. "Many people are not really aware of what kind of activities – and to what extent - they are doing," says Kamila Vodochodská, Ambassador of the BUSHMAN brand.
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    Adam's Big Journey
    From Gibraltar to Nordkap. Until the end of the year he’ll be in a van with his small son. "We love history, which also means visiting cities and museums, but we also enjoy exploring nature," says journalist and traveller Tomáš Málek. Meet the family team that is making Adam's Big Journey right now…
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    Petr Horký: to every man there belongs a certain dimension of heroism
    What did director and documentary filmmaker, producer, writer, Youtuber and traveller Petr Horký learn during his polar expeditions? Why does he refuse to be solely dependent on his work and why is it important for him to fulfill his life dream? Or at least try for it?
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    Inspiration for spring and summer fashion 2021
    Be cool all the day long. We’ve prepared tips for you on how to combine your BUSHMAN clothes and accessories. Choose the best for yourself or your loved ones for this spring and summer… because it fits!
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    Let yourself be pampered with lyocell
    Lyocell is obtained from wood in an environmentally friendly way and its clothes are light and pleasant: cool in summer and warm in winter. Discover its secrets with us and choose the right BUSHMAN piece of lyocell for yourself.
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    Tested on human beings
    Adventurers, travellers, conservationists, scientists, reporters, photographers… We dress famous people who share common values with us. And they share with us their experiences with proper BUSHMAN clothing.
    Closer to Nature
    "What I wear must be comfortable, it must be ethically made and for ethical money, it must not harm the health or the planet," says the face of the BUSHMAN brand, Veronika Kyčera Kučerová.
    That’s enough to take us out one day!
    If you decide to set a mileage record in three days with nine people on an old motorbike, it could turn out to be a fun expedition. And what challenges do you face for the summer?
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