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    Tested on human beings
    Adventurers, travellers, conservationists, scientists, reporters, photographers… We dress famous people who share common values with us. And they share with us their experiences with proper BUSHMAN clothing.
    Petr Hulec, CEO: Why do I wear BUSHMAN?
    In this new section, we introduce you to those who form the imaginary pillars of BUSHMAN – the fundamental, solid ones, on which the values of Bushman are based. And what would this opener be if it didn't belong to our CEO Peter Hulec?
    Bushman Materials, or What we sew with and Why
    Since the beginning of the Bushman brand, cotton has been our core material. The quality and the sources, the increased positive properties such as durability, absorbency or softness have been, are and will continue to be closely monitored. We are part of any possible change and therefore want to lead and inspire others with our steps towards cleaner and more transparent production.
    Luck favours the brave or How we cleaned the Sázava
    Out to clean the Sázava River - the traditional spring cleaning of the banks of one of our most beloved rivers, but also an opportunity to meet up other than in the office - and to be out in the air, testing our products in the muddy terrain, chatting and doing something for Nature. And this project's been getting a good bashing over the last few years!
    The best camping gadgets
    When a tent is your second home, the philosophy of packing things has to be rethought from the ground up. Camping and bivouacking are an ideal opportunities to bond with family and friends, but also a unique chance to be alone for a while. Nature heals, generations of Bushmen know that. That's why we tirelessly design more and more accessories for this, with which they can withstand the rigours of the great outdoors.
    6 tips on how to choose a proper anorak
    Whether you're going hiking, fishing, or walking, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Why? Because then it doesn't matter what the surrounding conditions are - it can be dry or the sun can be burning, and you can focus on your performance with icy calmness, collecting one experience after another. The right outdoor jacket can significantly help you with this. BUSHMAN will advise you on how to choose the BEST one. Why? Because our anoraks are a legend!
    Cotton, our Holy Grail
    Who doesn't know it? After all, we use it every day, often even where we don't even realize it. Being, as they say, "as if in cotton" means feeling as comfortable as possible. But that is far from the only benefit that this material brings. Let's put cotton front and centre in the viewfinder and get closer to this extremely rare plant, which is absolutely central to the production of BUSHMAN clothing.
    Photographer Petr SlavĂ­k: Strong experiences well remembered
    Petr Slavík - a photographer with an international reach who’s had several soloexhibitions (Lost World, Memories of Africa, etc.), various awards and lots of charitable activities, and even several books (Close Encounters, etc.)to his credit. But Petr is not just a photographer and traveller. He's a great narrator, a real rebel, a fair dad and a true bushman… not to mention that a large part of his heart is occupied by the bush…
    Quite openly: Why BUSHMAN isn’t cheap
    Sometimes we read on social networks that we overdo it with prices and that things that look the same can be bought much cheaper. Undoubtedly. We live in a free time, everyone has the right to choose. We have decided too. We want to create clothes that can withstand even the most demanding conditions and are characterized by a high standard of craftsmanship. Why do we stand behind the prices of our products?
    A selection of gifts from Bushman
    Are you still wondering what to put under the tree? With gifts from Bushman, you’ll be giving joy and an honest piece of work. And also, thanks to them, you’ll break the heart of every adventurer. Or yours! There is simply never enough joy ...
  • Get inspired
    Fashion inspiration autumn/winter
    What on earth will you say when winter asks? Easy… you’ll simply tell her, "Well, hello," because you'll be perfectly prepared for her! We bring you tips on how to combine BUSHMAN clothes and accessories from the Autumn / Winter 2021/2022 Collection. Choose the best for yourself and don't be afraid to play with the individual pieces a bit. Namely... Fantasy: that's what this is all about!
    Jakub Vágner: We need Nature, but not the other way round
    Jakub Vágner - a fisherman, adventurer and global traveller - has every right to say what he thinks about people's current relationship with Nature. He spends most of his time in it and, as he says, it’s everything to him. It was on the basis of this idea that a conversation arose, accompanied by the respect, humility and experience of a man who has respected the laws of Nature for many years.