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Introduction ALL ARTICLES Petr Hulec, CEO: Why do I wear BUSHMAN?

Petr Hulec, CEO: Why do I wear BUSHMAN?

In this new section, we introduce you to those who form the imaginary pillars of BUSHMAN – the fundamental, solid ones, on which the values of Bushman are based. And what would this opener be if it didn't belong to our CEO Peter Hulec?

When Peter took over the imaginary helm of the BUSHMAN barge, he was not in an easy position. He found himself in relatively calm waters and he knew that he would need to stir them up a bit. Soon after, the swell did come - but far more vigorous and merciless than any of us expected. Covid-19 took its toll on us too, but we managed not to lose direction, and even to get a second wind. A huge credit for this goes to Peter; our prudent helmsman...

What do you appreciate most about the BUSHMAN brand? 
First of all, that it doesn't play games. It's authentic, based on real values.

What were you doing before you fell in step with Bushman?
I've done a lot of things - from being an English and PE teacher, to a logistics officer, to an international congress organiser, to leading a humanitarian mission in Chechnya. Each of those different kinds of work gave me something, opening my horizons and pushing me a little further.

When do you feel most like “a Bushman”? 
Basically every day, because I really identify with the brand. But I felt most like a real bushman this year on an expedition holiday with my wife and two daughters. We went on a safari to Tanzania. A huge adventure!

If you had to pick one single place in the world, what would it be? 
I've been round and round the world for 50 years, so it's hard to pick just one place. New Zealand has grown very close to my heart and I’ve travelled over almost all of it in 3 months. I can also highly recommend Peru and Bolivia, which are beautiful not only for their Nature but also in their culture. You really feel a special vibe here that cannot be grasped or described. Interestingly, I can also smell each country, because each has its own particular aroma 😊.

BUSHMAN in one sentence?
A partner in your discomfort and a "friend in the rain" - different, stylish, uninflated, fair and straight.

What I like to wear and why...


I wear most BUSHMAN shirts as a base layer and I choose carefully what material they are made of and how thick they are - it's very important for a bare body. But I wear the Fiordland as a top layer and it completely replaces my sweatshirt. I wear it unbuttoned, so you can see the shirt underneath. So it's important for me to combine the colour and print of the shirt so that it forms a whole with the shirt. The shirt is thick and warm, so I use it mostly in periods when it's colder, but it's not yet a jacket or a warm sweatshirt.

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They’re incredibly versatile! I wear them almost everywhere and with everything. In the summer, just as house shoes which I don't even tie, but when I need to step into them, I pull them tight. These boots are perfect for anyone who likes to travel a lot. Their huge advantage is that they "breathe" perfectly, so even though they are high, the foot doesn't sweat or smell. Plus, they are soooo comfortable that they actually feel like slippers  😊.

I have to admit; I'm not exactly the hat type. But a Bushman without a hat just isn't a Bushman, is he? So, for my trip to Tanzania, I got a Breezy leather hat with mesh. I haven't worn anything so practical, comfortable and snazzy in a long time. It provided shade the whole time and breathed just great - and my head along with it.

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It’s like this: there are no socks like real socks! When you spend all day hiking in socks, sometimes for days in a row, you damn well appreciate socks that don't move on your feet, don't bunch up and hold their shape the whole time. At the same time, they don't pinch, they're flexible enough... and they last a lot (we’ve got to be sustainable, after all, so we don't really want socks that will go straight to the trash after just one heavy trek)

This backpack has everything! Every pocket has its purpose, every buckle its reason. For a weekend trek, wandering "lightly", or a regular trip it's just awesome. This backpack has two large internal compartments, two external pockets for odds and ends and things you need to keep handy, and one pocket for documents or your laptop on the back. There's an integrated rain cover underneath, so things will stay dry even in heavy rain. Yes, this backpack has been through Africa with me, so I know it's reliable and damn good to wear!

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An absolute BUSHMAN classic. I bought a pair for the first time in 1999, on a trip to Peru and Bolivia. When it's warm, I unzip the pants, then zip them back up for the evening, isn't that great? Great side pockets for necessities... and I don't really need anything else. Over the years that Bushman has been making them, we've tweaked a few details to get the pants to fit just right, reinforced the butt, and made all those pockets nearly indestructible. 

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We've been making this jacket* for a while now (*it used to be called Ontario). With the Tambo, we've gone from the original fit to a state-of-the-art material, a top-of-the-line YKK zipper, and the ability to unzip the hood. Although it's intended as a transitional jacket, I wear it all year-round. It's not "packed" with membranes, but it's all the more comfortable and breathes beautifully. Plus, thanks to its nice cotton lining, it can be worn over a short-sleeved shirt. The full pockets allow me not to have to carry a document bag any more or other carry-on bag, for that matter.  It's just that bit different – and damn Bushman!

I really like this type of shirt: the Henley. It's a kind of cross between a polo shirt and a regular, basic T-shirt. But it retains its masculine, distinctive feel. I wear it to the office as well as on trips to the countryside. I’ve got several colours and I rotate them with the rest of my outfit. 100% cotton with a special organic polish wash makes this a great piece for all-day wear. It's really highly comfortable!

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