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    BUSHMAN Fashion inspiration spring / summer 2022
    Whether you’re going to escape to Nature, wander breathtaking sights or travel far in the world, BUSHMAN will be happy to accompany you. Our new collection is in line with your free soul, matching your high demands for comfort and the best current trends. Get inspired here!
    BUSHMAN accessories - inspiration for spring / summer 2022
    Enjoy any outdoor activity with accessories from BUSHMAN. It’s no longer the case that you only have to take them on expeditions. Our cotton cap not only protects you from the sun, but also perfectly tunes your relaxed outfit for a walk around the city, or you can easily take a set of towels in one hand and you’ve got the whole family taken care of by the pond, and with such a hip-flask as ours too, you’ll be well set up everywhere. Come get inspired…