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  • We produce responsibly
  • We use natural materials
  • We create our own style
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We don't keep our travel experiences to ourselves
    Bushman Materials, or What we sew with and Why
    Since the beginning of the Bushman brand, cotton has been our core material. The quality and the sources, the increased positive properties such as durability, absorbency or softness have been, are and will continue to be closely monitored. We are part of any possible change and therefore want to lead and inspire others with our steps towards cleaner and more transparent production.
    Luck favours the brave or How we cleaned the Sázava
    Out to clean the Sázava River - the traditional spring cleaning of the banks of one of our most beloved rivers, but also an opportunity to meet up other than in the office - and to be out in the air, testing our products in the muddy terrain, chatting and doing something for Nature. And this project's been getting a good bashing over the last few years!