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Introduction Our Story

Our Story

"When I started the BUSHMAN project, I wanted to create something that was simply natural and long-lasting. For people with the same life view of life that unites us. "

Jindřich Melichar

The idea of creating the BUSHMAN Project was born in Australia in 1997. At that time, Jindřich had just gone through a long period of wandering and realized that in addition to reliable equipment, he also needed comfortable, good quality clothing on his travels. Based on his experiences and the experience of people he met in different parts of the world, he created his own collection of clothes and accessories under the BUSHMAN brand. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Today, the company holding the international BUSHMAN trademark is based in the Heart of Europe and operates networks of its own stores or sales offices in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The BUSHMAN brand philosophy

We design BUSHMAN outdoor and leisure clothing and equipment for men and women who love freedom and love travel, discovery and adventure. Those who are not only guided by reason, but also by instinct and have a strong respect for nature.

Bushman Expedition Outfitters

All the products we produce have to be reliable and practical, and above all they must reliably protect you on your travels. We use almost exclusively natural materials, such as cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, leather and more. With modern processing and subsequent modification, we are able to achieve unsurpassed useful properties for individual products.

Respect for Nature

We care a lot about what we do and how we affect the environment. We do not want mountains of difficult-to-process waste to be left behind. And clothing and equipment made from natural materials can be easily disposed of or recycled at the end of their journey.

Travel Inspiration

We have been developing and manufacturing outdoor and leisure clothing since 1997. Because we love to travel and love adventure, we know what people need on their own travels. We had already created more than thirty unique collections of clothes and accessories, which as a result foreshadowed the BUSHMAN style of dressing. In our clothes you can walk in the mountains, walk through the forest or in the desert, but feel free to go to the jungle of the big city or with the dog to the meadow next door. After washing, you will feel comfortable and fine in the same things anywhere in civilization. And you will still have style.

Back to Our Origins

Every year we create two new collections of clothes and accessories, one for the warm season and the other for the cold. We try to modify and innovate individual products to meet the requirements and demands of modern times. Nevertheless, our collections are always based on proven products, the functionality and reliability of which have been tested for a long time. We do not create clothes for just for one season’s use; we are not subject to the vagaries of fashion – we try to go our own way.

Follow Your Instinct

At times, we may have too little information to work with to make the right decision in life or anywhere on the road. In such situations, it is out of the question to rely solely on one's own instinct. It is one of the few moments when we get as close as possible to the Laws of Nature. We will be truly satisfied if BUSHMAN clothes and accessories help you cope in such situation. Indeed, will be pleased! 

It’s time to set off again!