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Introduction ALL ARTICLES Quite openly: Why BUSHMAN isn’t cheap

Quite openly: Why BUSHMAN isn’t cheap

Sometimes we read on social networks that we overdo it with prices and that things that look the same can be bought much cheaper. Undoubtedly. We live in a free time, everyone has the right to choose. We have decided too. We want to create clothes that can withstand even the most demanding conditions and are characterized by a high standard of craftsmanship. Why do we stand behind the prices of our products?
Bushman has been, is and will be a brand that clings to Nature. Because Nature is life. That is why we mainly choose natural materials, such as cotton, organic cotton, leather and many others. Our clothes aren’t fast food. We don't stick our finger into the finished product catalogue and say"Throw this colour on it, throw this print on it and we're done."  Every piece of our clothing and accessories is original. We start with each of them from scratch - we stand for ideas, proposals and we are right in the whole process from production through to sales. It's fun but it's also all in order. And we chose this path 25 years ago and we do not intend to escape from our commitment.

Ask me how you make it and I'll also tell you what it costs…

The beginning of every piece of BUSHMAN clothing and accessories begins in the very core of the company.
At top-level meetings, which are preceded by careful market research and considering the needs and wishes of customers. This is where new ideas are discussed and born. They then travel to the most professional designers who manage to transform an idea into a specific product... They, together with technical experts and modellers, design every millimeter of things that you will then like to wear. Hundreds of attempts, dozens of successes and failures; sometimes it all goes smoothly, sometimes it needs to be started over and over again…

Every detail counts 

Remember that the whole process is just part of a great iceberg. During it, all product components are approved at the same time: zippers, tags, buttons, threads, prints… It all counts. Did you know, for example, that the colours of BUSHMAN clothing are often so specific that a single shade must be adjusted several times? That before the BUSHMAN collection gets green light, we will receive 4 samples of each product? That we re-measure, re-measure and test every such sample on real, completely normal people of all types and ready-made sizes - including employees? You're right, we're demanding. And we're damn proud of it.

There’s no shame in stitching in Asia!

Do you sew your garments in Asia?! Yep, we sew there. We aren’t the first or last brand to use the experience and special equipment of the local factories. Local quality and honest factories, because there are really many of them there, only very little is talked about them.
We choose the best ones, those with which we’ve had long-term experience. "We produce mainly from cotton and we need to produce where cotton is processed. There is modern technology and a concentrated textile and clothing industry in Asia," says the company's founder Jindřich Melichar. Twice a year, our technologists check production and the working conditions directly in factories, where they spend two to three weeks.

We’ve got the goods… so what's next?

Goods don’t get sold or delivered to their new owners without people. People are behind it all. People in the warehouse and logistics who are careful to make sure you don't miss anything. People who walk between the shelves with BUSHMAN products from morning to evening and could walk there blindly without getting lost… People in our shops who don't stand behind the cash register like a proverbial salt pillar of salt, but always are keen to advise. And he will advise because he knows what he’s talking about. They’re educated, acquainted with all innovations and production processes…
Last but not least, there’s our whole department that takes care of our bricks-and-mortar shops and e-shops, plus our marketing department, thanks to which the term BUSHMAN is inflected exactly as it deserves, or the ladies who staff our customer line, who go full throttle to deal with with questions and comments. Dozens of more or less personal stories are also patiently heard every day…

All this is BUSHMAN.

And because we want you to soak up our atmosphere and understand our philosophy really well, we've decided to get you as close to Bushman as possible, and  so we're opening a new section: BUSHMAN IN DETAIL. We will introduce you to individual materials and their specifics, take a look at quality certification, tell you why some of our buttons are made of coconut, or handles of bamboo or why we provide most of our T-shirts with a final wash…
Thanks for your interest – and we're glad you're coming along with us.