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Introduction ACCESSORIES Workshop and Hobby multifunctional Tactical Pen silver UNI

multifunctional Tactical Pen silver UNI

This pen can even write and James Bond would envy you. TACTICAL PEN is an ideal gift not only for agents on a special mission.
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Description multifunctional Tactical Pen silver UNI

Who wouldn't want to be in the shoes of Agent 007 for at least a moment… Fulfill your dream, equip yourself with a TACTICAL PEN and even the biggest villain won't defeat you!
The TACTICAL PEN made of aviation aluminum is lightweight and damn durable at the same time. And it can do a hell of a lot. In the basic set, you will find a pen with a striking tip on the other end for breaking through the glass, a flashlight and a clip with a cutter for ropes or car belts. As an accessory you will get a flat-head and cross-head screwdriver, scalpel, whistle, flint, two spare graphites and a battery for the flashlight. You don't need to search for an ideal gift for toys and practical gadgets lovers.


  • aviation aluminum
  • length: 15.5 cm
  • damn multifunctional

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    A pen that’s a little different
    The combination of writing utensils with a simple means of self-defense also offers a lot of practical accessories. Look no further for an ideal gift that’s not only just toys for the boys!