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shoes Trail brown

These TRAIL shoes are heavily retro! Not only do they look like that, but above all they’re sewn like that - carefully and honestly. They offer exceptional comfort, and if you take proper care of them, they become practically indestructible.
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Description shoes Trail brown

Once upon a time, there weren't so many shoe models to choose from, but you could then meet a bunch of honest cobblers. Our TRAIL shoes are an exemplary throwback to the past.
The 100% cowhide is smooth and firm, and the shoes aren’t glued but firmly stitched. This is their main benefit. The basis of such shoes is a flexible insole (in the case of TRAIL shoes, also with ventilation holes), to which the upper and sole are sewn. Such shoes are much more durable than glued shoes and more robust and more flexible than frame shoes.
The rubber sole has a deep enough pattern so it won't slip off-road or on pavement. You simply tighten the shoes using the laces and don't worry - the tongue won't fly up or press on your insteps. It ‘s not sewn, but forms a solid part of the shoes, so it doesn’t wrinkle anywhere and there’s no space around the lacing for heat to escape or water to seep through. The tongue and the area around the ankles are additionally reinforced and softened. Ideal for casual wear and all-day hikes alike. In short, these shoes will take you exactly where you direct your steps...


  • 100% cowhide
  • Sewn, not glued
  • Retro design
  • Rubber sole
  • The tongue isn’t sewn as it’s a fixed part of the shoes
  • Softened around the ankles and on the tongue
  • BUSHMAN logo on the tongue