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belt Sabie dark brown

Belt tightening is no problem for us ;)! Our SABIE leather interlocking belt is so refined that you can fasten it wherever you need it.
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Description belt Sabie dark brown

The fine interlacing suits the SABIE leather belt as well as the dark brown colour. The metal buckle in a matt golden shade corresponds nicely with it. The best thing about this cowhide belt is its unlimited buckle options - simply tighten it wherever you need it! Leather thickness: approx. 4 mm. Width: approx. 38 mm.
* This belt is made of braided leather, it can be fastened anywhere, therefore it doesn’t measure its length to the middle hole like a regular belt. Always add 20cms to the stated length for the Sabie belt (e.g. the total length of a 110cms belt is really 130cms, etc.).


Category: Belts
Color: dark brown