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boots Cruizer brown

CRUIZER waterproof expedition boots will become an outdoor legend. They can withstand any terrain, bad weather, protect your feet from rough terrain, rain and bruises. So boldly go where your heart takes you! *Our boots scored high in a test assessing both water and bite resistance.
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Description boots Cruizer brown

You know Bushman expeditions well, and because Bushmen  don't allow them, we constantly try to develop and raise the standard of processing and materials used. And our CRUIZER trekking boots are damned high! The upper is made of waterproof Nubuck leather, at the same time with highly abrasion-resistant nylon fabric and, as a bonus, rubber protection on the most stressed parts of the boot. Thanks to the waterproof SympaTex membrane, it does not leak into the boots, and the breathable BK mesh lining allows the feet to breathe - which you will really appreciate on long hikes! If you go on expeditions often, you‘ll surely recognize how much a hard insole can make the journey uncomfortable. One that you can't take out and wash... or air out in the fresh air. That's why we‘ve put a removable mesh insert in these CRUIZER boots made of Poly-U material, which is a pleasant, light, comfortable and breathable foam without any odour. The sole made of EVY highly durable rubber and lightweight (EVY = flexible polymer foam) is well known in BUSHMAN shoes.
Our CRUIZER boots are a safe bet wherever you go. You‘ll walk brilliantly on stones, in mud, snow, dusty and on slippery terrain, they‘ll absorb side impacts beautifully and the footing in them will be sufficiently firm and comfortable at the same time. They‘re also ideal for really demanding conditions!

*Our boots scored high in a test assessing both water and bite resistance.


  • Upper: waterproof Nubuck leather, durable nylon fabric, rubber protection of the most stressed areas
  • Lining: breathable mesh + waterproof SympaTex membrane
  • Removable insole: breathable mesh + breathable Poly-U foam urethane
  • Sole: highly durable rubber + EVA
  • Extra high standard of processing and materials used
  • Footwear for demanding conditions