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boots Ranger olive

Are your shoes getting wet? That means you don't have RANGER outdoor shoes. Try them on, and your light step won't be difficult even in the worst weather.
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Description boots Ranger olive

They are light, comfortable, and will definitely not get wet inside. We have created functional RANGER outdoor shoes not only for long and demanding nature walks, you can also take them on when you set out on a journey to the city. The upper part made of waterproof nylon 600D/PU2 reliably prevents soaking. To keep your feet from becoming damp, we used a breathable BK mesh made of 100% abrasion-resistant polyester with the lining. It is applied on a Kingatex membrane, which prevents water from penetrating inside and at the same time allows water vapor to escape outwards. Comfort and convenience are also ensured by a functional pad made of BK mesh applied on polyurethane foam with polyyou, which ensures a soft step and is reinforced in the heel part and under the toes. The necessary cushioning when stepping on, energy absorption along the entire length of the foot and increased protection against slipping are provided by RANGER shoes with high-quality rubber pad with an intermediate layer of EVA polymer. There is a reason why EVA foam is used as a filler in equipment for various sports, such as ski boots, cycling saddles, hockey gloves and helmets, or wakeboard or water ski boots. The ideal lightweight BUSHMAN shoes that will reliably protect you on any expedition.