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food box Lunch silver UNI

We know that Bushmen are self-indulgent, so we’ve made a food box especially for them. Unique in its design and damn Bushman in its appearance. So, Bon Appetit, and may you have it in your tummy… straight from your posh box!
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Description food box Lunch silver UNI

If you can have a good drink on the go from one of our thermoses, we thought, why shouldn't you also have a good meal? Home-cooked tastes twice as good out in Nature! We present to you our ultra-light LUNCH food box with a content of 1500 mls and attractive dimensions of 20.7 x 13.5 x 8.7 cms. The tub is made of 304 steel and the lid is made of honest bamboo, which you can safely use as a cutting or a serving board. We’ve also equipped it with a silicone seal, so you needn't expect any calamity in your backpack J. You’ll find our distinctive BUSHMAN logo on both the lid and the box! Weight including lid (cutting board): 472 grams.