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hat Hobo Camo dry leaf

A smart hat, inspired by those of the Czech Army, in a robust design. HOBO CAMO is a camouflage hat with refined ventilation that will reliably protect you from the sun. Plus, it's made of 100% cotton and has a handy strap right above the brim.
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Description hat Hobo Camo dry leaf

The shape of the HOBO CAMO camouflage hat is based on the hat used by the Czech Army, so it will suit even the most demanding of you. We have also equipped it with ventilating metal meshes with a net – so go into the water in it, and mosquitoes’ll have no chance. The strap above the brim is made of ripstop, as is the entire hat.  You'll appreciate it - it can hold a torch or a lighter, depending on your imagination. Add to that a 100% cotton material, ripstop for greater resistance to mechanical damage, metal buttons for bending the crepe and a subtle BUSHMAN logo embroidered in the colour of the hat on the front - and you don't have to worry about what to put onyour head on your next hike.


Category: Hats
Color: dry leaf
Material: 100% cotton
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