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hat Romaldo beige

There's no such thing as an old-fashioned straw hat! This one is made from a very special straw, produced in the same way as rice paper. This luxurious, natural smelling and totally unique ‘straw’ hat is a must have!
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Description hat Romaldo beige

Our ROMALDO hat impresses not only by its appearance and UNI classification, which "fits every head", but above all by its material. It’s made of "Japanese Toyo" - straw, produced from rice in the same way as the famous rice paper. The straw is given a final stiffening to resist the rain. Together with the ROMALDO straw hat, you also get a piece of Nature's sensation - the material is not dyed, it is a truly first-class piece with a luxurious look (and it should certainly not escape your attention that the lighter the colour of the hat, the better the quality of the straw from which it was made). Let it serve you well and long!


Category: Hats
Color: beige