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Palm Hat beige

The Classic panama. Our PALM HAT is hand-platted from palm fibres and will stylishly accompany you on your trips under the tropical sun.
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Description Palm Hat beige

Originating in Ecuador, the name panama dates back to the construction of the Panama Canal, where it was imported in great quantities for the workers. It’s made from the fibres of the Carludovica Palmata plant, a palm growing to a height of only 2.5 meters, which is now widespread in the corresponding temperature zones around the world.

Our PALM HAT hat is hand-platted from palms grown in Japan and has ventilation holes around the circumference of the crown, so your head won’t steam – even in the heat. On the ribbon above the brim you’ll find a fine metal rendition of the BUSHMAN logo and around the inner perimeter it has a soft band for a more comfortable feel. Thanks to the rubber strip under the inner ribbon, you can also easily adjust the inner circumference of the hat so that it fits you like Frank Sinatra.


  • 100% palm fibres

  • Hand platted

  • Unisex

  • Damned perfect for summer!



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