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scarf Bandana II grey

Try it in ten ways. You’ll appreciate our multifunctional BANDANA dark grey microfibre scarf for both the great outdoors and for sports, and the stylish camouflage all-over print will brighten up your whole day.
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Description scarf Bandana II grey

No matter where you go, the BANDANA multifunctional scarf or neckerchief will always serve you reliably. Whether you are going for the great outdoors or for sports, the BANDANA will protect your face, neck or head from wind, cold or heat, as well as from insects and dust. You simply put it on according to your current needs (the package includes inspiration for the 10 ways of wearing it).

It’s made of microfibres, the profile of which helps whisk sweat away from the skin, while also allowing for rapid drying, which will help you regulate the temperature of the body surface. It also breathes easily through the scarf, so it does not replace the respirator, but as an emergency veil it prevents the penetration of dirt, dust and harmful substances into the respiratory tract. Fully printed with a stylish camouflage design giving you energy for the whole day!


  • 100% polyester microfibres

  • Fully printed with a camouflage design

  • 10 ways to wear it