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Introduction ACCESSORIES Outdoor equipment set of shots II silver UNI

set of shots II silver UNI

This little thing won't get lost in the home or on the go! The luxury set of shots, nicely marked with the BUSHMAN logo, will not let you down at any festive event or whenever you just want to warm up a little...
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Description set of shots II silver UNI

The set of shots II differs from its original version without branding and with canvas packaging - it looks more luxurious, and in addition, we have added the BUSHMAN logo to each of the 6 shots. We have placed the stainless steel shots made of high-quality food-grade steel 304 and with a capacity of 89 ml in a polyurethane leather packaging. This is the highest quality synthetic microfibre leather, which is almost indistinguishable in appearance and properties from real leather, and is even more durable and resistant.
Cheers, bushmen!


Category: Mugs, bottles
Color: silver