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thermos Ammo black

The AMMO Thermos is such friendly ammunition... but you won't be hurt with this round. On the contrary, thanks to it, you‘ll be able to save your drinking regime and probably someone else's too. It holds 500 ml of your favorite drink and has a design that fits Bushmen!
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Description thermos Ammo black

Our AMMO double-walled all-metal Thermos is essentially a design hub into which you put your drink. The volume of 500ml is sufficient, and the double-wall design made of stainless steel, safe for health, ensures that the drink stays warm for a long time, or, on the contrary, cold - in short, the way you like it. Feel free to put it in the bottom of your backpack and don't worry – it won’t spill its contents. The steel cap, equipped with a durable silicone ring, seals totally. The cap is also metal. To support this Thermos' mission of peace, we've branded it Peaceful Ammunition.
It's up to you what, where and with whom you drink from it. Anyway, Cheers! – and may it serve you well...


  • Volume: 500 mls
  • Height: 26 cm, Diameter: approx. 6 cm, Weight approx.: 350 g
  • Double-shell, vacuum flask
  • Material: food grade steel 304
  • Metal cap with silicone seal
  • Shotgun cartridge design
  • For a peaceful mission and with a BUSHMAN logo


Category: Mugs, bottles
Color: black