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thermos Strainer silver

Unique detail, perfectly functional, such is our STRAINER thermos in silver, with a double opening function.
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Description thermos Strainer silver

Special Bargain product of the month. You will become it for a reduced price, when you add anything else from our offer to your shopiing cart. You will learn, how it works, in the bargain rules aricle.
You’ve wanted this, now you can have it! Our Strainer double-walled vacuum thermos is characterized not only by its perfect thermal endurance, but above all by its double opening, which is something you’ll appreciate 100%! You'll be familiar with the classic top closure with its integrated strainer, but you'll find a second opening about a third of the way down the thermos. Fill it with what you want - good tea, herbal blends, fresh fruit juices - and look forward to more than just a good drink! The integrated sieve prevents pieces of tea, herbs or fruit from getting where they are not supposed to. Carry on pouring as you used to, and when the thermos is empty, you can comfortably remove and rinse the strainer.
And we’ve engraved our BUSHMAN logo on this thermos with a laser - so you know where you belong 😉!


  • Material: food grade steel 304
  • Volume: 0.5 l
  • Two jackets for even better thermal endurance
  • Double opening
  • Integrated stainless steel strainer with silicone seal
  • Grey polyester strap


Category: Mugs, bottles
Color: silver