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cap Evas hazelnut

And your head is warm! We knitted the EVAS hat from 100% merino wool, its two layers do not give winter a chance.
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Description cap Evas hazelnut

If you want to keep your head warm and if you like cotton, look no further. The EVAS winter hat is knitted from two layers of 100% fine merino wool, which will warm you up and caress you at the same time. The simple cap is decorated with a decent applique of BUSHMAN "triple V", a symbol of a guarantee of well-being.
The basic feature of merino wool is its warmth - treat yourself with the perfect feeling of warmth that you know from classic wool sweaters. Fine merino wool also absorbs moisture many times better than, for example, polyester, which is easily heated in the wool, so you won't feel unpleasant cold when you sweat. Thanks to the antibacterial capabilities of this wool, the EVAS cap will smell nice even when worn for a long time.

  • 100% merino wool
  • two layers
  • knit 1 x 1 (rib)
  • unisex


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