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nano protective mask Bushman khaki

It will protect you. Certified drape with nanofiber membrane from a Czech manufacturer. You can choose from different prints and three sizes.
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Description nano protective mask Bushman khaki

Safety and with foresight. When you need to go to the city or be amongst people, it’s not possible without a respirator or nano filter mask due to the current situation. That is why we have had layers of materials with a nanofiber membrane specially made for you, which have the necessary filtration of FFP2 efficiency, the necessary certification and in compliance with the ČSN EN 14683 + AC standard. BUSHMAN nano masks are made by a Czech manufacturer.

It's up to you which Bushman print you choose and you also have a choice of two sizes: M and L for women and men (they have the same width, L is an inch taller). They are on rubber bands behind the ears and in addition they have a buckle fastening and the possibility of length adjustment.

BUSHMAN nano masks can be washed repeatedly: only gentle hand wash in clean water at a temperature of 30o C. The parameters of the nano mask, including instructions for use and care, also include a link to all certificates and tests, and these can be found in each package.

Note: BUSHMAN nano masks fall into the category of Hygiene Needs, and therefore cannot be returned or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Outer protective polyester layer
  • Multilayer composite with nanofibre membrane
  • Polyester mesh filtration with efficiency of FFP2
  • Complies with the ČSN EN 14683 + AC standard
  • Size - M: 18 x 8 cms; size - L: 18 x 9 cms


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