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power bank Outdoor black UNI

Power bank and extremely powerful light in one solid, aluminum body. The elegant design will excite you and its functions even more!
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Description power bank Outdoor black UNI

Power banks are becoming a common part of all outdoor equipment. You‘ll appreciate them not only on expeditions, but also on the way to work, on the train... our Outdoor powerbank with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh offers a whole range of great functions, for example 92% output efficiency, minimum energy consumption in standby mode, multifunctional protection against overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, reverse operation and many more... And last but not least, you can use it as a flashlight. But don't expect dimmed night lighting - this light packs a punch! You can turn on an outdoor emergency light, a camping or tent light or even a warning light (just in case, right).
You get the power bank in a practical package.

  • Power bank and flashlight in one
  • Aluminum construction
  • 92% output efficiency
  • Intelligent multifunctional protection
  • Many lighting functions
  • Power bank dimensions (without case): length - 128 mm, width 88 mm, height - 35 mm
  • Power bank weight (without case): 360 g
  • Three lighting levels: MAX (lasts approx. 5 hours), MEDIUM (lasts approx. 12 hours), MIN (lasts approx. 45 hours)