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Introduction MEN Men's shirts shirt Prison khaki

shirt Prison khaki

Rebel on the run… Our PRISON men’s shirt is made of solid cotton ripstop and has invisible side pockets in which you can stash a great deal. Look no further for a Dude shirt with a story…
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Description shirt Prison khaki

The founder of the BUSHMAN brand created his own clothing collection based on his own experiences and those of the people he met in various parts of the world, as you will read in our story. If anything refers to the very roots and the idea of ​​founding it in 1997 while wandering around Australia, it's this men's PRISON shirt. The cut is loosely inspired by prison outfits, and one of Australia's highest-security prisons is also reminiscent of a print on the back shoulders. "I almost found myself as a guest at the Woodford Correctional Facility, but fortunately everything got explained," says a swaggering Jindřich Melichar today.
Our men's PRISON shirt is sewn from high-quality cotton ripstop, so it can withstand rough handling, while at the same time it has a slightly sanded surface, and finally we’ve given it an enzymatic wash, so it’s soft to the touch. It closes with metal buttons, which you can also find on the flaps of the two chest pockets and also two at the ends of the sleeves to regulate their circumference. A pair of side pockets hidden in the seams will serve as a secret hiding place for smuggling contraband or just to rest your hands, real cool. This is simply a shirt with a story and it's up to you how you spin the yarn…


  • 100% cotton
  • 210 g / m2
  • Canvas weave
  • Ripstop
  • Enzymatic washed
  • Side pockets


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