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skirt Castine cream

Treat yourself to a feeling of lightness! Long pleated skirt with a wider knit strap made of a pleasant viscose knit, which you can also wear as a dress.
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  • cream
  • 36-38
  • 40-42
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Description skirt Castine cream

Airy, comfortable, practical. This is exactly what comes to mind when you look at the CASTINE skirt, which we made from the finest viscose. Thanks to that, it will be very comfortable to wear and on hot summer days you will appreciate it mainly for its airiness and lightness.
The advantages of the CASTINE skirt do not end just there. It is certainly worth mentioning the easy dressing, which provides you with a wide knitted belt with the possibility of folding. There are no limits to your imagination, so it's up to you whether you wear it as a skirt or dare to move the belt a little higher and make it a comfortable dress. An inseparable advantage of a skirt is its styling variability and shades, which will be easy to combine. How about a women's ONEIDA shirt made of 100% lyocell? 


  • 95% viscose
  • 5% elastane
  • 165 g / m2
  • single jersey


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