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skirt Elqenna light olive

First aid kit. The universal ELQENNA summer skirt will get you a light and flowing material. Look no further for the city or the beach skirt.
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Description skirt Elqenna light olive

Created for holidays and free time on the beach or just in town. Our ELQENNA women's skirt is made using a very light and flowing interlock knit. The material is a mixture of viscose, which is not for nothing nicknamed ‘artificial silk’ (made artificially, but from natural cellulose) and polyester, so the skirt is soft to the touch, pleasantly cool in summer and is odorless. But this skirt doesn’t belong in the forest, because it’s easy to tear.

The front of the skirt has a slit formed by overlapping into an arc shape the right part over the left. The back is tightened with rubber strip at the waist and on the side you’ll find a decorative tie. The ELQENNA skirt is decorated with a discreet appliqué of the BUSHMAN logo on the bottom hem and with the BUSHMAN "Vs", the symbol of our guarantee of well-being, on the tie. If you don't know what to wear, reach for this skirt and combine it with any t-shirt you have on hand. This is the perfect summer skirt for almost any occasion, whether you are travelling or just staying in the comfort of your home.



  • 77% viscose
  • 23% polyester
  • 220 g / m2
  • Interlock knit
  • Decorative tie


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