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Introduction ALL ARTICLES Jakub Vágner: We need Nature, but not the other way round

Jakub Vágner: We need Nature, but not the other way round

Jakub Vágner - a fisherman, adventurer and global traveller - has every right to say what he thinks about people's current relationship with Nature. He spends most of his time in it and, as he says, it’s everything to him. It was on the basis of this idea that a conversation arose, accompanied by the respect, humility and experience of a man who has respected the laws of Nature for many years.
BUSHMAN: If you had to describe your passion for fishing in 3 words, what would they be?
JAKUB: Freedom, adventure and knowledge.

BUSHMAN: You're not just a fisherman. You are first and foremost an adventurer and traveller. The ideas for your journeys of knowledge how are they born and where do they come from?
JAKUB: In the past, I adapted my trips mainly to the species of fish that I needed to document. Today, I also focus on non-fishing documentaries and try to choose places that are least affected by modern civilization.

BUSHMAN: Which expedition really took your breath away, for better or for worse?
JAKUB: Every one of them, really without exception. I wouldn't go somewhere where it wouldn't be. In addition, I like the fact that I like to return to places and try to get to know them much more, in depth. One realizes some beauties and connections only thanks to the passage of time ...

BUSHMAN: Adventure - it's mainly adrenaline, euphoria, but also fear. How do you overcome it?
JAKUB: I'm not trying to overcome it, I'm looking forward to it :-). After all, this is exactly the spice the real traveller is waiting for!

BUSHMAN: It's been a long time since you first cast your rod. How has Jakub Vágner changed during that time?
Maybe not at all :-). Well ... there must have been a few scars, also quite a few parasites, plus tropical diseases and also wrinkles. But inside, I'm still the boy who can't get enough of all those fragrant corners of the world.

BUSHMAN: Lake Katlov is your dream come true… and with a sense of satisfaction? Do you feel at home here?
Katlov is my home and I’m very happy with it. I didn't know the feeling of home for a long time. I guess the right time had to come, and most importantly the right place. I used to return from expeditions to a small apartment with which I had no proper connection. It was just a hotel where no one else happened to live. Now I’m returning from an expedition and I’m already looking forward to sitting in the garden by the lake and watching the water in peace.

BUSHMAN: You respect the laws of Nature and have been closely associated with them for many years. How has people's relationship with Nature changed during that time? Do you perceive any positive change?
JAKUB: Nature is everything to me. Without her, there would be nothing. I perceive this feeling more and more. In my twenty years of travelling the world, I have seen many incomprehensible ruins. Human greed has already destroyed so many miracles of Nature and, unfortunately, in a very short time. It scares me what will happen in the next two decades. I would like to hope that people's respect for Nature will change and that we will realize that Nature does not need us. But we need Nature ...

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